Tuesday, August 02, 2011

rounding the bend

With the arrival of August (my buddy Mike would normally say "RABBIT!" at this point to commemorate the beginning of the month), I see the end of summer approaching. Twenty-five days from today, I'll be taking a second shot at the GRE-- my first attempt at the revised version of the test. Depending on how well I do, I'm either going to be applying for a job at Manhattan GRE, or quietly pursuing a career as a private tutor. I'm actually taking the latter path right now: my humble blog/website is nearing completion, and I'll soon be advertising myself to the locals and beyond (Skype lessons will be available).

If I fail to get the desired scores on August 26, all is not lost: I'm allowed five tests a year, so I'll pick myself up, dust myself off, and try again.

Come September, my job at YB returns to its normal hours: 3:30PM to 9:30PM. I didn't think I'd like working such weird hours, but I must admit that it's great not to have to worry about traffic while going to and from work. The only real problem, though, is that, once fall starts, I'll be back to earning less money per week: I can work 30 hours a week on my current summertime schedule, but only a maximum of 24 hours once we're back to the normal schedule. All the more reason either to supplement my income or jump ship entirely.

ETS is offering half-price registration for the GRE in August and September; with only a few more months left in the year, I'll be aiming to retake the test in September, November, and December. That's what the near future looks like for me.


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