Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Tomorrow and Thursday night, I'll be apartment-sitting for my brother Sean, who's going to be away for a bit. This means I'll be reunited with Maqz, Sean's cute-but-naughty chihuahua. I've come around to liking Maqz a lot, but a few years back, it was a toss-up: I often had thoughts of turning that dog into boshintang.

Maqz will take advantage of you if you let him, and he doesn't exhibit the simple-hearted loyalty I associate with larger (and arguably dumber) dogs. Still, he's loving in his own weird way, and a big baby to boot: if you shut the door of your bedroom when you go to sleep, he'll scratch on the door and whine, demanding to be let in. Once you let him in, he'll crawl into bed with you and curl up under the covers, basking in the heat you're generating. But don't mistakenly roll onto him: if you do that, he growls. Then again, Maqz's growls are hard to take seriously: he doesn't bite, so he means the growl as little more than a lame warning before he moves to a different spot under the covers.

This will be my first time seeing Sean's new digs, which aren't so new anymore: he's been at his apartment for a while. Tonight, I have to start packing so I can have everything in the car for tomorrow. I'll be driving straight from work over to Sean's place. On Monday and Tuesday nights, I'll be house-sitting for Sean again. Since I'll be taking along my computer, I'll still be in contact with the world, and will be working on my tutoring blog, which is almost ready for prime time. I'll also be toting my GRE books so I can continue studying.

This should be fun.


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