Monday, August 15, 2011

still alive

Me, a bit more than a week ago:

Purely a vanity shot. Red cheeks probably courtesy of adult-onset diabetes, high blood pressure, or a combination of the two.



JSA said...

Are you sure you're not Irish?

Kevin Kim said...

I do indeed have some Irish in me, but I don't drink. (My youngest brother carries the Irish name from that branch of our family as his middle name.)

Maven said...

Have you gotten your A1C and fasting glucose checked? The sooner you get diagnosed (if it IS diabetes) the less cellular damage can happen as a result of being untreated. XOXO

Great pic. Looks like you just came in from a long walk.

John said...

I don't think you have changed since I saw you in South Korea all those long years ago!!

Kevin Kim said...

John, what the pic doesn't reveal is the massive stomach that wasn't nearly so massive back in 1994-96. The pic also manages not to show all my gray hairs (sorry-- grey hairs).

Older, uglier, and smellier to boot!