Thursday, August 18, 2011

car fire and dog-sitting

Wednesday was a day of some drama. First, there was a car fire outside our school. That provided an interesting distraction from lessons: the car in question was sitting right next to the car of one of my supervisors; she was more composed than I had thought she would have been (her car turned out to be fine). Second, one of my favorite students pissed me off during my final class of the day. I held my temper, but I also made clear that I wasn't going to put up with diva behavior.

The rest of the day was calmer. I got my haircut ($3 more expensive at the barbershop near YB than at my usual spot, but at least I saved gas money), then drove over to my brother's place and was reunited with Maqz the chihuahua. It's about an hour past my bedtime right now; I did some laundry, watched TV-- something I haven't done in a while-- and came to realize how far behind my Hulu-cast episodes are compared to actual series broadcasts.

Along with catching a recent episode of "Royal Pains" (I'm following this series on Hulu, and am thus several weeks behind), I also flipped around to the Food Network and caught the first episode of Season 2 of "The Great Food Truck Race." This season features eight teams, none of whom really catches my eye. There's a Korean "Korilla" truck selling those LA-style kalbi/bulgogi tacos (have these become cliché yet?), but the guys running that truck are part of that poseur tribe of Koreans who think dey all gangsta. Painful to watch, painful to listen to. I also took an instant dislike to the vegan team, even though one of those three ladies is really cute. Still, cuteness aside, I hope the vegans lose badly (vegans on the Food Network almost never fare well, so there's hope). None of this season's teams reminds me of the incredible Nom Nom truck from Season 1; that team made insane amounts of money and was beaten only because of the poor design of the contest for the final episode.

I suppose I won't be following this show except via whatever video highlights appear on the Food Netword website... if I follow it at all, that is. What I saw tonight didn't exactly spark my interest.

And is Tyler Florence getting fatter?


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Justin said...

> have these become cliché yet?

Yes, for at least more than a year now. When I went back home to OC last April, they were even on the menu of restaurants that usually served neither Mexican nor Korean food. At one Korean place in Costa Mesa, I saw a most interestingly-named entree: The Korrito

The tagline was: Korean "Wet" Burrito

The picture on the menu pretty much looked like this one:

I would totally try that, and maybe even enjoy it, but only alone in a dark room.