Wednesday, August 10, 2011

so that was interesting

My two supervisors took me aside today after work with an ominous-sounding "We have to talk." I was immediately on my guard, wondering what exactly I had done wrong.

I needn't have worried. I wasn't in trouble, but my bosses did tell me something interesting: one of my students was apparently so impressed with how nice I am that she took it upon herself to ask my bosses to ask me whether I'd be amenable to meeting someone-- apparently a neighbor of the student in question.

YB is largely Korean-run, and this incident was a humorous reminder of similar experiences I've had in Korea. While there's something comforting about being in a workplace that feels as Korean as it does, I sometimes have to remember that the Koreanness of a place can also throw me for a loop now and then. I'm not completely Korean at heart, so there are times when my mother's culture reminds me of its foreignness, even after all this time.

I said a polite "no" to the prospect of being set up with someone. Too poor, too fat, I said. One of my coworkers was still in the building, and I'm sure he heard the whole exchange, which was partly in Korean, but mostly in English. Strangely enough, I don't feel (too) embarrassed by what happened: this sort of thing is, after all, somewhat expected behavior in Korean culture, where people can't imagine how a 40-something guy could possibly be single, and where the ladies will take it upon themselves to repair a perceived rent in the social fabric. An un-partnered man? Scandalous! I'll get right on it!

The incident was good for a chuckle on the way home, and was memorable enough for me to want to write about it. I wonder whether my relationship with my supervisors will have changed come morning... or whether we'll all pretend that this conversation never occurred. Ah, life is funny sometimes.

ADDENDUM: I won't say no to being set up with this lady:

Alas, my breasts are larger than hers.



Charles said...

My guess is that nothing will have changed in your relationship with your supervisors. Although I wouldn't be surprised if more offers came your way in the future.

You should set up a system: ask for a photograph, and if your breasticles are larger than the prospect, it's an automatic no.

John said...

MATE!!! They ALL look the same in the dark! I say...marry the chick tomorrow after work in one of those Vegas style weddings! You owe it to us married people to share the complaints about undies on the floor and socks rolled up at the bottom of the bed.

Maven said...

Re: The possibility that your chesticles are bigger than the gal pictured: Perhaps she's into that kind of thing. I'm sure I could be. Hypothetically speaking, would you be offended if you were "motor boated," yanno, "in flagrante?" Inquiring minds want to know, yanno, FOR SCIENCE. XOXO