Monday, August 08, 2011


As much as I love my apartment (I just renewed my contract for another year here), I have to admit that it does have its problems. In particular, it heats up like a greenhouse because of (1) its orientation, which catches a lot of sun, and (2) its line of windows, which are insufficiently covered by blinds that do next to nothing to block out the light. While I'm not interested in living in total darkness (yet), I do wish I had more control over how much light gets let into my place. I've had fantasies of doing the Alaskan thing: papering over my windows with tin foil to block out every speck of illumination.

In the meantime, I combat the light and heat with air conditioning. God help me if that ever fails. A/C is expensive, too, despite this being a small town: my electric bill these days is somewhere in the neighborhood of $70, just to maintain an ambient temp in the low 70s.


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Maven said...

Highly recommend getting insulated drapes. You can keep them pulled shut during the sunniest part of the day (when you're not home, presumably), and it should help cut the air conditioning costs.

PS: I'm thrilled to no end that my CAPTCHA code is: PREPOOTS.