Wednesday, August 31, 2011

local eats

I live in a rather lame spot when it comes to local restaurants. We've got one or two decent burger joints and a halfway decent Mexican place, but just about everything else is as uninspired as it gets. That's especially true of the local Chinese food, which somehow manages to be even more depressing here in the boonies than it is in most places: I'm surrounded by shitty buffets. A local Cracker Barrel, visited two days ago, also proved a bust, which pretty much means that, if I want good food, then I need to make it myself. Unfortunately, with my schedule reverting to the "normal" routine next week (roughly 3PM to 9:30PM), I doubt I'll be cooking many inspired meals in the dead of night. Good food will have to be a weekend thing.


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hahnak said...

i am right there with you bro. nothing but corn and soy growing all around me and the locals dont want to support good food. its up to me if i want something tasty.