Monday, December 12, 2011

Audio Warhol: a glimpse

My brother Sean just tweeted about his Audio Warhol project (which took place yesterday), and provided a link to a YouTube video of it. The video and audio are appropriately weird-- Warhol-weird-- so don't go into the video expecting standard classical fare. Warhol was all about exploring meaning (and meaninglessness) through repetition and pop culture, so that's what you'll be experiencing in audio form. The video seems to have been shot on a cell phone by Jason McCool, who does some rather bizarre aping for the camera. McCool's goal, if I understand correctly, is to make the "audience" part of the art. There's a lot of "meta" as a result: McCool films people filming him. Möbius reference.

I admit I'm not always into the abstract stuff, but I liked this quirky vid and am proud of my brother for coordinating (and performing in) this nutty project.


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