Saturday, December 10, 2011

old GRE score reports: 1992 and 1999

As promised a while back, here are scans of my old GRE score reports from 1992 and 1999. Especially embarrassing to me are the Analytical scores and percentiles (remember: this was back when the Analytical section was composed of raw logic problems).

1992 first:

660 Verbal (90th percentile)
720 Quant (83rd percentile)
460 Analyt (29th percentile-- gack)

I don't even remember having taken the above test. Finding this paper was a surprise.

And here's the 1999 GRE, which I took when I applied for grad study at Catholic U.:

710 Verbal (97th percentile)
720 Quant (83rd percentile)
500 Analyt (34th percentile)

My 1999 results were a substantial improvement over my 1992 attempt, but as before, I was horrible with the Analytical. Now that it's Analytical Writing, and not a set of goddamn puzzles, I can score in the 96th percentile and be proud.

I seem to have mis-remembered my 1999 scores, though. I'm pretty sure I wrote earlier that my scores were 720 and 720 for Verbal and Quant. Guess I was off by 10 points. Ah, senility.

All in all, I get the impression that I've hit some sort of wall. My July 1, 2011 scores were, as you may recall:

710 Verbal (98th percentile)
710 Quant (69th percentile)
5.5 Analyt (96th percentile)

The following month (August 26, 2011), my scores were:

165 Verbal (96th percentile)
161 Quant (86th percentile)
5.5 Analyt (96th percentile)

Based on the above, 1992's Verbal score seems like a fluke. Meanwhile, my Quant score seems fairly consistent, but the percentile goes haywire on the July 2011 test, making it difficult for me to interpret whether my August 2011 performance was the result of a radical improvement in my performance, or merely the reshuffling of statistics as the new GRE format was phased in. It's frustrating not to be able to evaluate these results in a clear-cut manner.


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