Saturday, December 31, 2011

defunct ombudsman

Dr. V. links to the hilariously cringe-inducing results of something called The Bad Writing Contest, which apparently ran from 1995 to 1998. The contest seems to have been the scholarly equivalent of the Golden Raspberry Award, i.e., the participants in this contest were all unwitting, and were all notably bad at their avocation at the time they were nominated.

I'm glad that such watchdog groups as The Bad Writing Contest exist, even if only temporarily: they perform a valuable service. Seeing examples of bad writing up close can be educational, and in this particular case, I'm glad to see samples that can stand alongside the awful and illogical prose of "philosopher" Slavoj Žižek, which I had cited here.



Charles said...

If I ever start to write crap like that, you have my permission to travel to wherever I am and kick me in the head, preferably while wearing steel-toed boots. I will reimburse any travel expenses upon arrival.

John said...

Which is why my blog is not totally worthless, it serves as a bad example...

Kevin Kim said...


I'd never say your blog was a bad example of anything. You certainly write with a hell of a lot more clarity than those idiot scholars!


May you never be hypnotized by American academe. (Actually, I'm sure you won't be.)