Tuesday, December 20, 2011

now there's a way to remember your birthday!

My sympathies. Kim Jong-il apparently died on Holden's birthday.


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John from Daejeon said...

I’ve never understood how the definition of “birthday” can mean anything other than the date (and timestamp) of your birth. In which case, the “deathday” of that turd could only marginally relate to the “birth day” of the newborns born this past Saturday.

It rankles a lot of people that I refer to that one day a year that another year is added to my official government “Terms of Use” age (I like to refer to my age on this spinning water-covered rock in days as it is much more precise in terms of my sentence here) as the yearly anniversary of my birthday. But that’s just too bad for them as I don’t recall seeing the fine print on all those government contracts that became legally binding upon the inhalation of my fist pollution filled breath on planet Earth. But it could also be that my inner atheist is just pissed off that I am forced to deal with this BC/AD nonsense when it comes to dating or that millionaires that don’t represent that average Joe are trying to even censor/regulate the Internet with SOPA..