Saturday, February 20, 2016

a list of food I've brought to the office

It occurred to me, yesterday afternoon, that I've already done quite a bit of cooking and food-prepping for my boss and my two coworkers (one an ex-coworker, the other a current coworker). On our office's white board, I listed most of those accomplishments, which I now relist here for your delectation.

Here are the dishes that I either brought to the office or made right in the office over the past two or three months:

• hummus
• deli-style sandwich
• fettuccine faux-Fredo
• meatball subs
• coquilles St. Jacques
choucroute alsacienne
• pulled-pork sliders
• French-style baguette sandwich
budae-jjigae (not shared with anyone in the office)
• chicken-and-shrimp curry (not shared)
• tacos/burritos with homemade chili

I need to share my budae and my curry with the gents. I also want to sic my gyro/shawarma/döner on them, along with Italian-American food like spaghetti and lasagna. My culinary palette [sic—not palate] is limited by the fact that our office has a sensitive smoke alarm in it, so there are certain things I can never do, like pan-fry garlic bread or bake anything with even a minuscule risk of producing smoke. Still, despite those limitations, I can produce a fairly wide variety of food that can be reheated in a microwave before serving, or cooked atop a portable gas range with no danger of setting off the alarm.

My new coworker is delighted by all the food. He took home a mess of pulled pork yesterday, which he vowed to share with his girlfriend. More to come!


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