Monday, February 22, 2016

an experiment with boerewors

Whenever I see the word "boerewors," I can't help but think of the Boer Wars. Boer is Afrikaans for "farmer," and wors is the Afrikaans equivalent of Wurst in German, so this is a "farmer's sausage" (no phallic reference intended, so the sheep can stop cowering and trembling now... we're not in New Zealand, for goodness' sake).

A couple weeks ago, I noticed that High Street Market was selling these four-packs of lamb boerewors. I was in my döner/gyro phase at that point, so I was curious as to whether eating some boerewors would be like eating a gyro in sausage form. A couple days ago, I bought a package of sausage and took it home. I microwaved a single link, stuck it in a hot-dog bun, and slathered on my homemade hot sauce and tzatziki. The result was excellent, but a boerewors is nothing like gyro/döner meat: the seasoning is all different. My sauces did go well with the link, though (lamb is lamb), so on Monday night, I pan-fried three links and prepped them the same Greco-Turkish way, as you see in the image above. Delicious.


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