Saturday, February 06, 2016

old lady don't like young guy

Ancient Republican stalwart Phyllis Schlafly loved Marco Rubio... until she didn't.

Schlafly, who has spoken highly of both Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, slammed "the establishment's" determination to select the Republican candidate.

"They're the people who have been picking losers all these years, and we want the grassroots to have a crack at it," she said.

She criticized Rubio as just the latest front man for the "kingmakers" she has denounced her entire career.

The narrative of Rubio as the "establishment choice" is also becoming part of the presidential campaign. Ted Cruz, campaigning in New Hampshire after his victory in Iowa, slyly has portrayed Rubio as the choice of the elites rather than the grassroots.

"I understand that in the media newsrooms and in the Washington establishment circles, Marco is the chosen one," he said.

He also joked, "In the media's telling, bronze is the new gold," referring to the widespread treatment of Rubio's third-place finish in the Iowa caucuses as a great success.

Schlafly urged conservatives not to take any chances with the election.

"Just look at what [Sen.] Jeff Sessions said – this is the last chance to save the America," she said. "Immigration is the issue."

She dismissed any hopes Rubio could redeem himself to conservatives.

"As soon as he got in there, he betrayed us all," she reiterated. "Don't make it look like I'm supporting him now."

When it comes to menu choices, there's a lot more clarity on the Democrats' side. The Republican side is still a muddle—a reflection of internal disparities and rivalries and confusions. We've got a while to go before GOP choices are whittled down.


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