Friday, February 19, 2016


This promises to be a Ligament-free weekend* (she's swamped with the translation work that she does on the side), so I'll be going stag and watching "Deadpool" by myself, then doing some much-needed shopping. I have to buy a sewing kit to make some minor clothing repairs; I need to buy a new wine corkscrew to replace the shitty plastic one that just broke; finally, I want to buy a TV console and some DVDs and Blu-rays so I can start building up a library of things to watch on the 42-inch TV that I bought from my ex-coworker.** Most, if not all, of these purchases can be done at the local Home Plus or Lotte Mart in Jamshil.

Once I bring all that booty back to my place, the next project is to rearrange my interior so that I can watch TV comfortably from my bed. I don't have a couch, nor do I have room for a couch, so my bed will have to double as one.

So perhaps by Sunday evening, I'll have made my apartment marginally more livable. Lig complains that my place is too silent; she prefers having some sort of background noise. I told her that I loved the silence, and that people who hate silence usually have too much stuff buzzing around inside their own heads, which is why they need background noise: to ignore the internal buzzing. And besides, if it's the silence she hates, I don't need a TV to provide background noise: I can just queue up some songs from YouTube on my laptop. But I've got the TV, and right now it's just sitting here, doing nothing. Time to put it to work.

*Lig says she wants to see "The Danish Girl" next week. Sigh...

**And let's not forget the DVD/Blu-ray player itself, courtesy of John McCrarey, who found a player on base and bought it for me.


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Bratfink said...

Sheldon LOVED Deadpool. Said he almost puked laughing. He's going to see it again; says he's sure he missed stuff since he was laughing so hard.