Sunday, February 07, 2016

the meat before the meat

Before I slap up any döner kebab pics, with that luscious lamb, I thought I'd give you a status update on my left middle finger. Here's what it looks like with the bandage off after about 36 hours (good thing you can't smell this):

Look closely, and you'll see the vertical tear made by the doc's evil forceps. The finger is still a bit red, but the fingertip is no longer super-sensitive to tiny bumps and bangs. I'm taking antibiotics and washing the fingertip regularly, which I hope helps. Right now, I'm airing the finger out, but I'm going to slap a bandage on it momentarily, as I have to go out and do a bit of last-minute shopping.

Kebabs won't be happening until around midnight, I fear. Stay tuned.


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