Thursday, February 25, 2016

mixed weekend

This is shaping up to be an "enjoy life when opportunities present themselves" sort of weekend, mainly because my boss at the Golden Goose has asked me to come in on Saturday and/or Sunday to help finish up a textbook that we've been working on over the past month. Work will be punctuated by pleasant moments, though: I'll be re-watching "Deadpool"—this time with my buddy Tom in tow—Friday night. On Saturday, I'll work for the better part of a day, then will meet Lig for a short campus tour and an viewing of "The Danish Girl," which stars Eddie Redmayne (performance reviewed here) and chronicles the first-ever gender-reassignment operation. Lig had opted out of "Deadpool," which she dismissed as "a guy film" (it is); this was her preferred choice.

At some point over the weekend, I want to pop over to Yongsan's Jeonja Land to buy some DVDs and Blu-rays so as to begin creating a video library. I also need to shop for some sundries that can only be found at Hannam Market. Lig says she wants to try my lamb gyros, so I'll need to hit some shop (Hannam or High Street) for more lamb.

In financial news: I'm right on schedule with my unsinkable budget. I'm very likely to finish February with a happy surplus of at least W100,000. I've already been paid by KMA—two weeks earlier than projected—for the work I did this past February 13. God, how I love KMA. Even if I were to get really spendy over the next few days, there's no way I could go over-budget. And that's a terrific feeling.

Ah, well... terrific feeling or not, I've got to work this weekend, which sucks. But there'll be bright spots between now and Monday to help me preserve my sanity. I'll be enjoying life when opportunities present themselves.



John (I'm not a robot) said...

Do you get compensated for working those extra hours? When Uncle Sam makes us work additional hours we are granted "compensatory time" which we can use like vacation days later.

All in all, it does sound like a fine weekend indeed...

Kevin Kim said...


We do indeed get comp time, but in this case, I probably won't because I used up 2 extra days last October thanks to my passport snafu. So I'm kinda' paying my karmic dues right now.