Saturday, February 06, 2016

haircut + doctor + work = Saturday

Technically, I'm on vacation: it's the Lunar New Year weekend (Happy New Year! Year of the Monkey coming up, so get ready for a lot of public masturbation and shit-flinging). Seollal is normally a three-day holiday, but this year, the first of the three days falls on Sunday, which makes the weekend the start of my personal vacation. Our boss very kindly gave us Wednesday—an at-discretion holiday—off as well, so I'll be seeing Ligament on Monday (the actual lunar new-year's day) and my buddy Charles on Wednesday.

Five days of bliss en vacances, right? Well, not exactly. I have a KMA gig a week from now, and I promised to show my KMA boss my new, revamped Persuasive Writing course, which will essentially be a slightly collapsed version of the original course, with a new PowerPoint slide component added on to make the whole thing more multimedia-like. The course material is about thirty pages long; I'm going to spend a chunk of today at the office, condensing the course and creating a PowerPoint. I expect the PowerPoint effort to take up most of my day. (I can't do this at home because making PP files on a Mac results in skewed-looking slides when the Mac-made file is opened on a Windows machine. Better just to use Windows, which is why I have to be at the office.)

But even before I step into the office today, I need to get a dang haircut and then see my torturer, the doctor I saw yesterday. So it's looking more like a four-day weekend for ol' Uncle Kevin, not a five-day weekend. And there's a chance I might be in the office tomorrow as well; I need to catch up on my regular office work because I've fallen a bit behind on that.

Busy, busy, busy, as Bokonon says—albeit in a different context.



Bratfink said...

Speaking of Year of the Monkey, have you seen this?

Kevin Kim said...

Yup—Sam Kalidi, whom I follow on Twitter, tweeted this a day or so ago, and I retweeted. Hilarious if it's truly a design fail and not a joke.