Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Dr. V on our electoral future

Dr. Vallicella's post on the unworkability of Sanders's socialism ends with some predictions about the near future:

But the question of Sanders' socialism is moot. He won't get the Democrat nomination. Hillary will get the nod. And no, she will not be indicted, no matter what further evidence of her wrongdoing turns up. It is really very simple. Obama will not allow his 'gains' to be overturned or be in any way mitigated by a Republication administration. The rule of law counts for nothing for those who believe that their ends -- noble and worthy in their own eyes -- are to be achieved by any means.

So it will come down to a contest between Hillary and Rubio, and Hillary will win. Cruz is a brilliant man and would make a good president, but he is not electable because of his personality. Rubio is more personable, more of a regular guy. Trump will flame out. He is essentially an empty suit riding a short-term populist wave, to mix some metaphors. In any case, there is no way the Republicans would allow his nomination.

Those are my predictions. I hope I'm wrong about Hillary winning. She is Sanders writ small, a gradualist Sanders if you will, who cunningly hides her true convictions in the manner of the stealth ideologue that Sanders is too honest to be. I am assuming, perhaps falsely, that Hillary has convictions and is not merely out for personal gain. It might be better to say that she either has no convictions or leftist convictions.

I take the above with a grain of salt, of course: Rubio has shown himself to have feet of clay; Trump hasn't "flamed out" yet, despite many predictions that he'd do so; Sanders is apparently now neck-and-neck with Hillary at a national level—i.e., not only in New Hampshire. But who really knows what the future will bring? If nothing else, 2016 is already proving to be a more-interesting-than-usual election year.

I will agree with Dr. V, though, that Hillary won't be indicted. She's above the law, part of a dynasty, and the media are in the tank for her. That said, I hope the investigations and probes wear down her electoral viability at least a little bit. Her Servergate will certainly come up as an issue when she finds herself face-to-face with a Republican interlocutor.



Anonymous said...

Addofio here. Love the amount of power he attributes to Obama. "Obama will not allow. . .", with a side swipe implying that somehow the means by which he will "not allow" will be illegal.

Kevin Kim said...


This is consistent with the general conservative conviction that Obama has repeatedly made end-runs around Congress and trampled the Constitution.

Admittedly, it was the other way around when Dubya was in power: liberals felt Dubya engaged in "executive overreach" on multiple occasions. Obama, at least according to many conservatives, has been no different.

Recent example here.

Malcolm Pollack said...

Hmmm... we'll see. I'm sticking with my own tasseomancy, for now at least.

Addofio! How are you? Long time no see.