Saturday, April 09, 2016

21,519 steps

I'm back from a nice, long walk that started a bit after 3PM and went until right around 7PM. My trek took me from my apartment at Daecheong Tower to the Samseong COEX World Trade Tower, and from there to the Jamshil Lotte World Tower, and from there back to my place. By the time I reached my apartment building, I was disappointed to see that I had done only 17-some thousand steps, so I dodged into our local park and walked three laps to get my step count over 20,000. The park's outer-loop path is about 1,200 steps per lap for me, so my final count, by the time I stumbled back into my place, was 21,519 steps. My cell phone's pedometer congratulated me ("Best day yet!"—which is certainly true for 2016) and gave me some sort of medal. 21.5K steps is about what I'd do during a typical Namsan hike.

But I'm going to pay for this walk tomorrow—I feel it already. My feet ache, and so does my lower back. My hip joints also ache, and the backs of my thighs (biceps femoris) are tight. I'm glad I pushed myself today, but I won't be shocked if I find it hard to get out of bed because I've morphed into one gigantic charley horse.

I took photos during the walk, so either tonight or tomorrow, I might pull a McCrarey and roll out the illustrated version of my trudge through old and new Gangnam.



Surprises Aplenty said...

swimming is expensive, but get into a pool tomorrow and relax and stretch out your back and legs. In all the years I've read your blog I can't remember if you swim, but if you can, go do a few lengths - not even for exercise but to float and relax. It's my favourite recovery technique when I have a sore back or legs. If you're lucky, your pool will also have a bathhouse attached so you can get some hot water to soak in.

Regarding your experiment post, your weight is dropping, don't worry about too much about how fast it is so long as it is the right direction.

John (I'm not a robot) said...

Haha! I never heard "pull a McCrarey" in a positive context, my name is usually invoked as a bad example.

You did mean it in a good way, right?