Thursday, April 07, 2016

It's Only for 14 Days: Day 6 of 14

WEIGHT: 127.5 kg (I'm sure this has to do with the walking I did yesterday.)

APPROX. RESTING PULSE: 92 (15-sec calc method). Back to this again. The previous "88" result was probably because I had counted one heartbeat less, then multiplied by 4.

BLURRY VISION: none (obviously not counting myopia). This is a reassuring trend.

SKIN: as before: scabby, patchy, and blotchy, esp. on left shin. I'm looking to see whether the skin on that shin improves over these 14 days.

CHEST PAIN: No tightness at all today.

MENTAL STATE: mostly alert and focused; generally emotionally stable. Slight fatigue.

GENERAL WELL-BEING: Overall positive, especially after last night's 14,889-step walk. I've learned that chest pain/tightness is directly linked to food consumption, and the effect of food consumption—especially when it's anything carby, cheesy, or greasy—is felt within minutes. Couple this with what I'd said earlier re: how slowly I metabolize food and how slowly food leaves my body as waste, and this becomes the basis for a future diet-exercise plan. I obviously don't need much food to survive, and overeating is impeding my well-being in a real, immediate, and frightening way. As I've noted earlier on this blog, my body also responds quickly to exercise, which explains the sudden kickstarting of weight loss from Day 5 to Day 6. If I were to begin any sort of serious training regimen like the aforementioned boxing and taekwondo, I'm confident I'd see real results—both internal and external—within mere weeks. For now, the self-experimentation is just about walking and diet; I'll be more concrete about my plans on April 16, the day after this trial ends.

End report.



Charles said...

So... are you actually going to be able to eat anything next Friday when we meet up? When exactly does this end?

Kevin Kim said...

April 15 is technically the final day of my 14-day experiment, but just for you, I could pussy out and eat something. Something large and decadent.

Charles said...

Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be large and decadent. But I thought we could have something nice, at least. I just don't know the details of your plan, so I wasn't sure if you would actually be able to eat anything.