Sunday, April 10, 2016

for your entertainment: my ravaged leg

My left leg wasn't like this a year ago, but suddenly there were lumps and scabs, and I scratched at both, leaving the scarred, cratered battlefield you see:

On the assumption that I'm looking at the very real effects of incipient or full-blown diabetes, I'm engaging in my current self-experiment.

ADDENDUM: typing "diabetic skin" into Google produces these results.


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Maven said...

If it is Type II diabetes, carbs are the devil. Truly. And at this point in the game, it's totally manageable by adjusting what you eat (see, I didn't say HOW MUCH you eat). Try to opt for lower glycemic food choices, and keep walking and being active especially after meals. There are also dietary supplements to consider, which can be a nice adjunct to the diet and exercise routine, too. The BEETUS sets you up for all sorts of other issues too. It's really insidious.

Not sure why I clicked the link for the Google search you did, as my mother's legs are a train wreck unto themselves, the result of her neglecting her health for six decades. The list of comorbidities she's got: Insulin dependent Type II diabetes, lymphedema, lipedema, cellulitis, phlebitis, extreme venous stasis, and CHF, just to name a few.