Friday, April 15, 2016

It's Only for 14 Days: Day 14 of 14

Final day.

WEIGHT: 124.6 kg (scale was all over the place again, so this is just a guess, but most of the results hovered around this number, and 124.6 itself came up twice in a row)

APPROX. RESTING PULSE: 81 (20-sec calc method).


SKIN: as before.

CHEST PAIN: nada, even after a somewhat strenuous walk around Seoul National University's hilly perimeter road.

MENTAL STATE: mostly alert and focused; emotionally stable. It's been an interesting two weeks, and one of the surprises has been the general lack of a problem in this area.

GENERAL WELL-BEING: Overall positive, but now thoroughly sick of this regime. Can't wait to eat tomorrow. Will try to rein in the urge to overdo it, but no promises. Scorched earth very likely, followed by abject penance on Sunday.

Insights tomorrow.

End report.


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