Monday, April 18, 2016

gotta be a good boy now

The weekend debauchery is over.

I probably gained back half the weight I'd lost, but I now have a plan of attack for future weeks and months. As the Architect said in "The Matrix Reloaded," there are levels of survival I'm prepared to accept. I now know I can tolerate a very, very low calorie input without my body going haywire, so on weekdays, it'll be a lunch-only regime for ol' Uncle Kevin. Lunch will be low-to-no-carb, and to that end, I've begun buying a supply of vegetables and proteins to get me through the week: shabu beef, tuna, quail eggs, seafood, and leafy greens. If I can find no-carb snacks like sugar-free pudding and pork rinds, I'll be set.

Last night, I made a succulent beef gravy (thin and runny because I didn't want to add too much carby cornstarch); I also made my very first Argentinian chimichurri, which came out beautifully. It's got a rich, almost algae-like color to it, and it's sharp and tangy. I think of it as pesto without the nuts and cheese, but with a strong hit of red-wine vinegar.

I'm still feeling kind of "bleh" from the weekend, which is a sure sign that I need to behave myself, culinarily speaking. Wish me luck.



Charles said...

Hey, we can be lunch salad buddies!

My lunch salad today was a variety of leafy greens (and purples--namely beet leaves), Edam cheese, diced ham, avocado, almonds, cucumbers, yellow sweet bell peppers (aka "paprika"), and cherry tomatoes.

I pretty much always do a base of cucumbers, paprika, tomatoes, and various greens, and then mix up the other stuff for variety: chicken breast, various types of cheese and nuts, boiled eggs, etc. On rare occasion I will throw in dried fruit, but I figure the tomatoes are enough in the fruit department.

Kevin Kim said...

Sounds like a great salad template.

Maven said...

Be good now--debauch later;)