Saturday, April 02, 2016

runniness runs its course

Last week and early this week, while at work, I started to notice that I was going to the restroom much more often than usual. My bowels were watery and runny; this wasn't pleasant at all. Mentally, I began eliminating possible causes until I came to the realization that the most likely suspect was our office's water dispenser.

Taking my hypothesis firmly in hand, I mentioned to our boss that the water dispenser's filter needed changing because I'd been getting watery bowels over the past few days, and that this was happening only at work. He got right on it and called a repairman, who came the very next day. My coworker, who speaks almost no Korean, was there to witness the cleaning process, and he said afterward that there'd been a huge amount of algae-like gunk inside the dispenser. My boss, who is Korean-fluent, also spoke with the repairman by phone, and it turns out that our dispenser hadn't been looked at for a year.

So, yeah: good call, Kevin! No one's going to thank me for my heads-up, but you're all welcome, anyway, fellow office proles.

EPILOGUE: My coworker said the repairman never actually changed out a filter, but he did thoroughly clean the machine. In self-experimenting mode, I got two bottlefuls of water and suffered no ill effects. The danger is past... for the next few months, anyway.