Thursday, November 03, 2016

Ave, Bill!

I might not be writing about the election for now, but Bill Keezer has just put up a post that might interest you. Bill, like some other writers I know, sees a new civil war on the horizon. Go read his rather dark post, make your own judgments, and maybe sit down with a very stiff drink afterward. Then file your blades and load your guns.

(If you have reactions to Bill's piece, I think he'd appreciate seeing those reactions at his blog. I'm not saying you may not comment here, but this is Bill's post, after all.)

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John from Daejeon said...

I was hoping you'd have something to say about Joss Whedon's latest election "missespiece" before this debacle of an election.

As for Bill's post, most hyphenates-Americans are either too apathetic, lazy, morbidly obese, caring only for sports, video games, overdosing on social media/drugs, or on the public dole, either via direct monetary handouts or public jobs, to care to partake in a new civil war that upsets their mostly sedentary, status quo. Just take a look at our two choices for U.S. president as verification of the previous statement. How did that happen without the above idiots allowing these bottom-feeding, dishonest lowlifes the opportunity to lead the free world? Anyhow, no matter which disgusting crooked liar wins, my various firearms are always loaded, cocked/racked (unlike in all those unbelievably stupid films and TV shows), and ready for all circumstances as are all my assorted bladed utensils. I do prefer my scythe though as it also has agricultural and various holiday uses at the end of October and beginning of November.