Friday, November 18, 2016

prepping for the weekend

I had bought one extra folding chair from Costco because I'd expected five guests this coming Sunday, but it turns out there will be only four guests... which is sad, but hey—more food for the rest of us. Prep is almost complete; while showering this morning, I scrubbed down the awful interior of my apartment's awful bathroom. I've warned my guests that my bathroom generally sucks, but they're free to try their luck in that death-chamber if they so desire.

I still need to clean my hairy floor; that's something I'll do tonight.* I also need to hit Costco to shop for hot-dog buns. Tomorrow: decorations need to go up, so I've bought some party items and printed out some images that I hope will go over well with the arriving crowd. Also tomorrow: it's my buddy Jang-woong's birthday, so I need to buy a cake later today to take over to his place tomorrow (he invited me over for a quiet, in-family celebration). Once I'm back from JW's party, I need to set about making guacamole: I had hoped to buy some guac from High Street Market last night, but all the market had was frozen-solid packets of avocado puree. So I bought the puree and will jazz everything up into True Guacness on my own.

Sunday ought to be easy, assuming I've prepped almost everything by the time I hit the hay on Saturday night. Guests won't be arriving until sometime after 4PM, so I may even have time to get in a decent daytime walk—something of a rarity for me these days.

*Not that you want or need to know this, but I normally clean my floor in a 2-step process. First, I use a lint-roller to catch most of the fallen hair and dust and lint and crumbs; next, I break out the Swiffer Sweeper with wet wipes. This takes care of the rest: any lingering hair, any hard-to-remove dust, and any other random schmutz.

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Charles said...

Never let it be said that Kevin does not prepare enough food for his guests.