Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ave, Joshua!

Joshua Stanton, writing at his One Free Korea, says:

To protest against Trump’s election isn’t unfair, but it is undemocratic. When Trump cast doubt on his acceptance of the election result in the last debate, pundits questioned his patriotism and raised concerns that his supporters would resort to violence. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, who is unpatriotic now? No matter how great a threat you may think Trump is to the republic, he won fairly under the rules established by the Constitution. These people are really protesting the outcome of a peaceful, free, constitutional election. By refusing to accept the result and reacting (in some cases) with violence, the protestors have become the undemocratic mobs they accused Trump and his supporters of being. And if Trump is really the authoritarian they fear he is, the left’s violence would be his best possible justification to fulfill their darkest fears.

But the glass-breakers, the arsonists, the vandals, and the fight-starters aren't listening. That's because they're all dirty hypocrites.

The whole dissent-and-patriotism issue has become a running joke in US politics over the past several election cycles. Is it patriotic to defy the will of the government and/or the will of the people? It depends on whom you ask, and on when you ask.


King Baeksu said...

Three weeks ago, Scott Adams called the Democrats the Bully Party and he was exactly right. Where are Obama and Clinton right now? They seem to have gone MIA. Whatever happened to "Love Trumps Hate," or "Stronger Together"? It was all a bunch of bullshit, it would seem.

This picture, taken in Chicago over the weekend, perfectly sums up the vapidity and intellectual dishonesty of the Current Year's SJW crowd. That woman defines patriotism or love of country as "racism," even as she sports a symbol of Palestinian nationalism around her neck. In other words, "patriotism for me, but not for thee." (Or, "democracy for me, but not for thee.") And that's how it always is with these people: All take, and no give. They're not interested in "dialogue," but rather forcing you to submit to their will. And they are perfectly happen to resort to bullying and violence when "democracy" does not go their way.

They have overplayed their hand, and the backlash is only going to worse. If they were any smarter, they would realize they they aren't exactly helping themselves or their party at the moment, but critical reasoning or analytical rigor do not seem to be their strong suit. It's all about "the feels" with them, and again, that's probably the biggest reason why they lost the election: They lost the grand democratic debate, because they weren't even interested in trying to actually present a proper argument. As the /pol/lacks like to say these days, "Their liberal tears are so delicious!"

King Baeksu said...

Top tweet on Krooked Killary's Twitter account has her playing the gender card:

She hasn't said anything in three days. No calls for "peace" or "unity" in the wake of mass protesting and rioting across the land.

Meanwhile, Trump actually praised the protesters for their "passion for our great country":

Who sounds like a better leader to you? Who actually seems to have a genuinely presidential "temperament"?

Once again, I do believe that the American people have made the correct choice.

TheBigHenry said...

"These people are really protesting the outcome of a peaceful, free, constitutional election."

That should be obvious to anybody with at least half a brain.

Kevin Kim said...


Is that a dig against Joshua for stating the obvious, or a dig against the protestors for not understanding the obvious?

TheBigHenry said...

Definitely against the protestors. Sorry for not making that clear to begin with.