Sunday, November 06, 2016


I'm throwing a post-election party this coming Saturday, November 12. The theme is "bittersweet," in keeping with how we all hate both choices for president, which means we'll all be happy when a hated candidate loses and sad when a hated candidate wins. The chili recipe comes from the Food Wishes channel on YouTube; it contains sweet elements like bell peppers and caramelized beef, as well as bitter ingredients like dark chocolate. I'll be serving it food-lab style so that my guests can opt to make nachos, tacos, and/or chili dawgs.

I'm also crafting a cheese plate for Saturday, but I haven't decided on which cheeses to buy. Selection is limited and haphazard in Korea unless you go to a specialty shop with a real cheesemonger. But I'll muddle through and figure something out.

Here's that chili:

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