Saturday, November 12, 2016

more links: post-election reactions from around my personal ambit

John McCrarey: "Playing the Trump Card."

Joshua Stanton: "It's Time to Help Donald Trump Be a Good President."

Bill Vallicella: "Trump Wins, and the Left Goes Bonkers."

John Lee: "Trump Did Not Reverse Himself on Korea."

Our family cat often liked to walk into a room, plop himself in a corner while facing away from us, then swivel his ears back to listen for whether we would mention him. If he heard "kitty" or "cat" or "Mozart" (his actual name), he'd start purring: he knew we were paying attention to him, and he loved the attention.

Trump, Trump, Trump: I imagine The Donald is purring madly right about now.


King Baeksu said...

Too bad the American "left," if you can call them that, do not have a proper foreign bogeyman to go nuts against when election results do not go their way. During the 2008 anti-U.S. mad-cow protests in Korea, the progressives managed to "milk" the issue for nearly three months, and came very close to driving 2MB, yet another "tyrannical businessman," from office. We Americans always like to be of help to our allies when at all possible!

I wonder how long these delicate snowflakes will last in "hell"? Can you imagine if they were actually in power? Surely America would not last the four years, and by 2020 China would surely be our new colonial overlord. Hey, at least the American left would finally have a foreign bogeyman to exploit!

King Baeksu said...

BTW, have you ever heard of "suicide by cop"? Right before Keith Scott was gunned down by police in Charlotte, N.C. this past September, his wife called out to him, "Keith, don't do it!" Some speculated that she was aware of what he was up to in advance, possibly hoping for a big payout.

I predict that George Soros will pour millions more into Black Lives Matter, and that after Trump takes office in January, some "martyr to the cause" will attempt to intentionally provoke the police and thereby spark mass riots across the nation. Did you notice how quickly BLM quieted down right before the DNC and then for the rest of the campaign? They were clearly given orders to chill from on high, no doubt due to the "bad optics."

If BLM suddenly become active again next spring, you will know that they care much more about political power than so-called "racial justice." Anyone who had read the Podesta emails or seen the Project Veritas tapes should be under no illusions about how cynical the "progressives" really are.