Tuesday, November 22, 2016

what's fer Thanksgiving?

I'll probably be celebrating a quiet Thanksgiving alone this coming Thursday. I did, however, have this wild notion of creating my own miniature version of a fried turducken: take sliced turkey, chicken, and duck (our grocery sells thinly sliced duck), roll the meat around a cylinder of stuffing that has cranberry sauce and maybe a mild cheese at its center, dredge the cigar-shaped delight in flour, then dip it in egg, then roll/pané it in panko crumbs, then deep-fry the motherfucker to make egg-roll-ish, croquette-like turduckens. Serve with Thanksgiving accompaniments like peas, corn, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

The only problem is that I hate deep-frying anything because of the heavy, unpleasant smell of grease that lingers even if you aerate the place. But it may be worth it: after all, Thanksgiving comes but once a year. Next step: buy the rest of the ingredients I'll need for stuffing, make the stuffing, make the cranberry sauce (High Street ran out of canned sauce, so I bought actual cranberries since I know how to make the sauce myself), and prep all the sides.

Expect photos if this works out.

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