Saturday, November 05, 2016

the fight goes on

This morning, I took a long walk—longer than anticipated—down toward Daemosan in my search for that neighborhood boxing gym.

Long story short: I didn't find it, despite exploring several back streets. I'll admit I was partially relieved: the prospect of training like Rocky had been fairly daunting. I did find a taekwondojang that also doubled as a jump-rope clinic(!!), as well as a generic gym in that same building, which offered the same generic-gym menu I've seen elsewhere: personal training, Pilates, etc. But no boxing. So I've written off this neighborhood.

I was also disappointed and disturbed: disappointed because I'd been so sure that a boxing gym was in that area, and disturbed because my memory is even worse than my buddy Charles thinks it is. That, or there had been a gym, but it must have disappeared since last year.

So—what to do? I suppose I could just plunge back in to taekwondo. The two young guys running the training hall in my office's building don't seem to have any adult-sized kicking bags, so I might have to provide my own, so to speak (i.e., buy a heavy bag at a sports store and have them set it up).

Back to Square One for the moment. But I'll figure something out. The fight goes on.


Surprises Aplenty said...

Are there any mountain side gyms near your home? In Busan, there was a remarkably well-appointed weights set up on the local mountain. It had body weight machines (suitable only for warmup or seniors) but also a bench press and other free weights, a few machines with variable weights, a few upside down ab devices and some bags. If I find one, I'll post a pic on Twitter. Anyway, I haven't been hiking in Seoul in a long time so I don't know what is out here. There was one level area I would take my sword to for training on Kwanak San. 15 years later, there is probably more stuff.

Kevin Kim said...


I know only one of Daemosan's many trails, but that path does indeed have something of a gym-like area. Alas, the equipment doesn't inspire, and reaching it would take more time than the workout itself. I might just reconsider signing up with my building's gym. It's a helluva nice gym, actually; I just wish it weren't so damn expensive. There are, however, special deals that the gym publishes and distributes every couple of months, so maybe I'll seize an opportunity when the next such deal gets taped to my apartment's door.