Friday, November 18, 2016

Saturday's party—canceled, sucka!

JW told me that he's got a church-related schedule for much of tomorrow, so there's no way I'll be able to meet up with him and his family to celebrate his birthday (he apparently had a party tonight). That's a shame, given that I have a gorgeous—and expensive—chocolate cake that I had hoped to take over to his place. I suppose it'll just have to become the second dessert after Charles's lovely homemade cake (which, frankly, I'm looking forward to much more avidly: I have a yen for all things homemade, and try as I might, I can't think of a bakery-made cake as homemade, even if it is enrobé d'une ganache lisse et veloutée).

JW sounded miffed not to have been invited when I told him about Sunday's get-together, but I explained that it would basically be a group of guys talking about beer and baseball while I just sat there, uninvolved. Besides—he didn't invite me to tonight's birthday bash, either! So there: instant karma!

Anyway, JW wants to get together sometime before the end of the year. If it's like last year, we'll get together on Christmas Eve. That ought to be fun, so long as he doesn't force me to sing Christmas carols again. Jesus Christ.


Charles said...

In the process of making one element of the cake at the moment. Not going to reveal anything as I don't want to spoil the surprise.

The chocolate cake sounds good! I'm a sucker for a good ganache, but I'm curious about what lies within; after all these years in Korea I find myself suspicious of any cake that claims to be chocolate. For some reason, there seems to be a general inability to make cakes that actually taste like chocolate as opposed to just sugar. I have seen exceptions, though. Perhaps this will be one of them?

Kevin Kim said...


Interestingly, this cake doesn't claim to be just chocolate: on the shelf, it was listed as ROYAL chocolate. Whatever that means. I suspect that bees were involved.

I have high hopes for the cake because it comes from Hans, a local artisanal bakery, not just the standard Paris Baguette/Tous Les Jours chains. I walk by that place all the time; the cakes look gorgeous, at least—legitimately European on the outside. Will soon find out how they taste. AT W44,000, that "royal" chocolate cake had better taste pretty damn good. Then again, for a bittersweet-themed party, if the cake turns out to be a (cough) bitter disappointment, maybe that's somehow condign.

Charles said...

Ah, I am familiar with Hans. Yeah, they have some good stuff. I've been pleased with what we've gotten from there. Definitely a step up from your standard PB/TLJ fare.

(First element of the cake is finished. Please with results.)