Friday, May 26, 2017

18-mile walk tomorrow

Tomorrow's route is from Sangju Sangpoong Bridge Certification Center to Nakdan Dam Certification Center, a distance of about 18 miles, which I think I can cover in six hours because I won't be encumbered by my huge backpack. (To allow for lunch, I'll be telling the cabbie to pick me up in seven hours.)

So the plan is this:

1. Wake up at 5AM.
2. Out the door by 6AM.
3. Get to Express Bus Terminal before departure of 7AM bus to Sangju City.
4. Take bus to Sangju. Arrive approx. 9:30AM.
5. Grab a cab and go to Sangju Sangpoong Bridge, which is the starting point for the walk. Arrange for cabbie to pick me up at Nakdan Dam and take me back to Sangju City's bus terminal. (Pay a hefty amount to retain cabbie.)
6. Begin walk around 10AM.
7. Break for lunch. Eat an MRE (I have tons left over).
8. Finish walk by 5PM. Meet cabbie.
9. Ride back to Sangju City.
10. Take 6PM(?) bus to Seoul.
11. Arrive Seoul 8:30PM.
12. Train or cab back to my place by 9PM.

Much depends on whether I can retain a cabbie. If I can't, I'll pull an Indiana Jones and make things up as I go. I'm very much hoping to meet that cute puppy again during the final part of the walk. Will have some jerky for it just in case. If I do meet the dawg, expect photos. Oh, and expect photos of me getting my final stamp at Sangju Dam—another thing I missed when I was carted away against my will to the second guest house from hell.

Items needed for the walk (aside from clothing, trekking pole, and cell phone):

small backpack
bottled water or water tank
Ziploc bag in which to store MRE garbage
jerky/treats for puppy
trail mix
windbreaker (just in case)
contact-lens fluid + lens holder
first-aid kit
note pad + pen to exchange contact info w/cabbie

What am I leaving out...?


Daniel said...

Kakao Taxi, which I've used to call taxis in even the remotest regions of the peninsula...

Kevin Kim said...

I had a nightmarish experience the first and only time I used Kakao Taxi. Am hesitant to try that again.

Kevin Kim said...

My Kakao Taxi nightmare story is here.

Daniel said...

Things are nicer outside of Seoul