Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Walk Thoughts #198: minimalism

Over the next four days, it'll be me, my broken cell phone, and my portable charger. To save battery power, I won't be taking many pictures or doing any lengthy blogging. At the end of that period, I'll be spending two nights in a motel, so I'll catch you up on thoughts and details at that point. Never fear: photos of my campsite and camp cooking will appear on schedule.

Oh, yeah: some pedometer stats from yesterday:

425 minutes walked
40,329 steps (95 steps/min)
18.8 miles walked
3231 calories burned (maybe 2800 net)


brier said...

It is really amazing how good the weather has been for your walk (besides yesterday's rain).

It is enjoyable following your thoughts and pictures, but a map for us visual readers would help. Any chance of putting up a map for the walk thoughts legs?

Kevin Kim said...

It'd be difficult to set that up now, while on the trail and using a cell phone. I had thought about pinging my location, but having already tried that a few times and having gotten zero commenter reactions, I didn't think it was worth pursuing. Most likely, I'll put up a map after I'm back from the walk, but in the meantime, my very first Walk Thoughts post (I think it's the first) contains a route map, which I've been following pretty faithfully.

It's sunny right now. The day started cloudy, and it rained for about a minute during the early afternoon. The weather has indeed been great. Unreal, even.