Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I note with sadness that actors Powers Boothe and Michael Parks have both died. I know Boothe best from his work in "Red Dawn," "Sin City," and "24," but he also did work in 1980, playing the role of cult leader Jim Jones, for which he received an Emmy. Boothe's résumé extends much further than this, but suffice it to say he was a sinister, brooding on-screen presence for much of my adolescent and adult existence. Although I've seen Parks here and there, it was his chameleonic performance in two very different roles in "Kill Bill: Volume 1 & 2" that blew me away. In one role, Parks played the sheriff who finds the Bride shot in the head (she reflexively spits in his face); in the other role, Parks played a Mexican crime boss who spoke with the Bride about Bill. The man had range. Both men will be missed.

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Bratfink said...

You should see Michael Parks in 'Red State'--directed by Kevin Smith. Awesome role he had.

I will miss them both.