Saturday, May 13, 2017

Walk Thoughts #211: housekeeping

I thought about walking out to the dam to get my stamp today, even though today (Saturday the 13th) is technically a resting day. I finally decided against it because my feet are still quite achy from yesterday's disastrous adventure. So instead, I'll putter around in my motel room and wander a bit around town, ducking into a restaurant to have lunch.

Not sure whether I trust it, but my app is forecasting nothing but sunny, partly cloudy, and hot days for the rest of my walk. No more rain. Of course, I've heard this before and gotten burned, so the requisite grain of salt accompanies the forecast.

It took all night, but my portable charger is now fully recharged. I'll need it, I think, for only one more camping session. Will be curious to see whether the auto-camping place accepts me. Will be even more curious to find out how much I'll have to pay for the experience of ersatz camping.

I finally revised my walk chart to reflect what has happened and what is going to happen during this trek. Check it out here. I've updated dates, day numbers, leg numbers, and meals taken. I haven't updated specifics re: where I've stayed, except to note my current digs at the CF Motel, and to adjust the mileages of yesterday's and Sunday's walks. Two 20-plus-mile walks in a row are going to add up to a lot of pain, but this is the end of the line, so I may as well push myself. I'm a little over 60 miles (approx. 100 km) away from the end, and I'll be averaging 20 miles a day over the next three walking days. (Keep in mind that I have a scheduled two-night stay after the second long walk is finished on Monday.)

A contour-line scan of the terrain ahead looks fairly good. Some uphill sections, but unless I'm gravely mistaken, I don't see anything monstrous or major looming in my path, so I may finally get the smooth sailing I've been wishing for.

Expect motel photos later today.

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