Tuesday, May 30, 2017

oh, those wacky animals

The above comes courtesy of my brother David.

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John from Daejeon said...

Funny two-legged animals. I don't know if you prank called as a kid, but here are some German exchange students (just returned from the U.S.) practicing their English on some unsuspecting German hotel employees. They must incorporate 5 random words into their calls which end up being quite funny.

I've got a couple of old Daejeon students wanting to do a U.S. exchange, so I have them watching some of these videos. Especially, those outside of California and the East Coast as there are rather large Korean population centers in those areas. It also seems that the exchange students get a much fuller experience in the likes of Alabama and Wisconsin. I've learned that exchanges are expensive, especially those into popular western countries. However, they are much cheaper in non English speaking countries. Also, thanks to today's technology, homesickness is nearly a thing of the past.