Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Walk Thoughts #219: some quick stats, then bed

It's almost 1AM as I write this. I really should be asleep, but I guess I over-caffeinated myself. Anyway, I won't be doing a full assessment right now, as I'd prefer to crawl into bed, but here are the stats for today, according to my pedometer, which claims I've broken all previous step records for a new personal best of over sixty thousand steps. Those last couple thousand are undoubtedly due to my having wandered around downtown Yangsan.

650 minutes walked
61,812 steps
28.83 miles (felt like it today)
4690 calories burned (3500 net)

So, yeah: my feet hurt like hell, but they've toughened up considerably since the debacle of Day 2. As I wrote a while back, you can indeed walk through your blisters, which will heal even while you're walking; I'll post an update photo of my right foot's large blister—now flattened out and fading—to show you what I mean.

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