Monday, May 29, 2017

more news like this, please

From here (edited for style):

82-Year-Old Shoots Home Invader in Butt, Ending Father-Son Crime Spree

An elderly homeowner shot a home invader earlier this month, ending a father-son crime spree.

The altercation happened on the day that Vladimir Sanchez was released from prison. His 16-year-old son allegedly stole his mother's car and took it to pick up his father from prison. Miami Police later spotted Sanchez driving the stolen car and pulled it over.

As they began to arrest Sanchez, his son jumped out of the passenger seat and fled the scene. As police searched the area, the teen allegedly stole some clothes from a home's washing machine in order to change his appearance. At some point, the teen allegedly entered the home of the elderly man.

That's when the 82-year-old was startled by a noise in his basement. When he went to investigate, police said, the teen confronted him and shoved him. That's when the 82-year-old shot the teen in the buttocks.

Haw haw. I'm not sure whether the events described above qualify as a "spree," per se, but all the same... haw haw.


Charles said...

Let's see: grand theft auto, resisting arrest, burglary, breaking and entering, and assault. That's at least five crimes committed (although I'm sure the police can think of more to tack on to the list). I don't know how many crimes you have to commit for it to become a "spree," but this sounds reasonable.

Besides, it makes for a much better headline!

Kevin Kim said...

Yeah, but it all happened so fast. I guess when I think of sprees, I think of something more like what those snipers, Malvo and Muhammad, did: going on a murderous tear for three weeks. This was a brief joyride that came screeching to a sudden halt. But yeah, that said, the list of crimes in this case seems pretty spree-like.