Friday, November 23, 2018

2nd batch of pulled pork

Second time's a charm:

This was a better batch than the first one, not least because I had the foresight to add some pork tenderloin to compensate for lost volume from pork-shoulder fat: I had sliced away about a third of the two-kilo slab of meat even before placing everything in the crock pot, and after the meat was done, I slapped on my rubber gloves and ended up scraping and plucking away even more fat.

Below, a belated photo of the sauced pulled pork. I had wanted to take a pic of the pork right after it had been pulled and right before it got sauced, but in the morning bustle, I somehow forgot to do this. Then, while I was gooshing barbecue sauce onto the pork, the plastic nozzle of the sauce bottle popped off, and a torrent of barbecue sauce glopped onto the meat. At first, I thought there was too much sauce, but as I mixed the meat, I realized the amount of sauce was exactly right. The last thing you want to do with pulled pork is over-sauce it because, obviously, pulled pork is much more about the meat than it is about the sauce. While this new batch still didn't strike me as all that much larger than the previous batch, it tasted mighty fine, and once it's paired up with the rest of the meal, I believe we'll discover the quantity to be Mercutio-perfect: "'Tis enough; 'twill serve."

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