Monday, November 05, 2018

KMA: out with a whimper

Just got the usual text message from KMA saying that there would be no work for me this month because not enough students had registered for my scheduled class. As happened last year, most of my classes this year have been cancelled because of low registration rates. This is why I'm saying goodbye to KMA—a thing I can now afford to do, given that I just received a massive raise that the Golden Goose gave to me only grudgingly. KMA has me scheduled for one more class in early December; at a guess, that class will be cancelled, too, and that'll be that for me and KMA.

I'm sorry to leave a company that pays so well and generally acts so professionally, but if KMA doesn't have any work lined up for me, then I'm better off turning my attention elsewhere. As I've said in the past, if KMA were to offer me a full-time teaching position at their current rate of pay, I'd leave the Golden Goose in a heartbeat, and with no regrets whatsoever. But KMA seems to be going through hard times; business, at least from my perspective, hasn't been all that lucrative lately. Ah, well.

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