Thursday, November 08, 2018

Styx's election postmortem

Worth a watch:


King Baeksu said...

Styx is becoming a bit of a gasbag. Is fame getting to him?

This guy is much more on point:

Kevin Kim said...

What was this new guy saying before the midterm elections happened? One reason why I continue to listen to Styx is that Styx makes predictions that often pan out, which reinforces the cogency of his reasoning. He definitely has a gasbag-y, blowhard side to his personality; he'll often crow about his own rightness after a prediction comes true, and yeah: it could be that fame is getting to him. That said, he's still my personal Hari Seldon. As long as he's good with his predictions, I'll keep listening to him, but I'll also give the new guy a few more viewings if you think he's worth it. I liked the video you linked to, although I thought the dude went a little too heavy with creative re-naming of people he didn't like.