Saturday, November 24, 2018

getting angry when you can't flush your own poo

Little kids reach a certain age where they begin to assert their independence and actively reject help from parents and other older people. Tonight, during our post-Thanksgiving dinner, I heard stories of kids who would explode if someone tried to cut their food for them. And then there was my buddy Tom's story, which was about his son Thomson. Thomson apparently hates it when someone else flushes his poo, and part of the reason for this is that the boy likes to send his poo off with an actual "goodbye." Tom told us about how upset his son was the other night, and then he mentioned that he had captured the incident on video and placed it on YouTube. Watch and enjoy, and if you don't have little kids, be thankful.


Bratfink said...

OMG. Holy shit. UNREAL. LOL

Bratfink said...

We are having flushing problems here, so I feel his pain. Sort of. We need a plumber.

Kevin Kim said...

Yikes. Good luck with that!