Monday, November 05, 2018

couldn't look away

I found this series of clips of people fainting on TV utterly fascinating in a clinical way. You can learn a lot about the nature of fainting (especially fainting while standing, but also fainting while seated) by watching this compilation. I started to analyze what all these people had in common, e.g., the way many of them would do a weird foot-shuffle as if to control the direction of the impending face-plant. I also considered how each person was different: some would remain stoic even as they were keeling over; others would grow increasingly incoherent or repetitive if they began to faint while talking; still others could be heard moaning even after hitting the floor. Gripping stuff.

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John Mac said...

That was interesting. I've had some spells like that in the past, and actually got injured enough to require stitches. Never could get a diagnosis as to why, but it generally happened when I stood up, so maybe high blood pressure. Hasn't happened for a couple of years now, so keeping my fingers crossed.