Wednesday, November 28, 2018

made a bit too much, I guess

Our little get-together was this past Saturday. It's now Wednesday evening, and there's still leftover food from the feast. I had brought all my leftovers to the office, and my coworkers and I have been chowing down both at lunch and at dinner. I tried offering food to the IT team next door, but they apparently had other dinner plans on Monday, so fuck 'em. We're almost down to zero food, though: I think the last of the 'tovers will finally be eaten by tomorrow evening. It'll be nice to take a bunch of empty plastic containers home. But, damn: it will have taken five people, eating twice a day, five days to clear out all those leftovers.

In other news: KMA texted me to say my December class had been canceled because of a lack of registrants. So... as predicted, my time with KMA ends not with a bang, but with a whimper, and with a whimper, I'm fuckin' splitting, Jack. At least I can breathe easy every Saturday from now on. I have plans for a two-day hike out to Paldang Dam and beyond sometime soon, hopefully before we get any major snow. A cold, bracing hike—that's the ticket.

ADDENDUM: I looked over the amount of leftovers I had and decided I could finish everything up tonight myself as an impromptu dinner. So that's what I'm doing now: I'm dinnering myself, and no one can stop me. This pleases the anal-retentive side of my personality because I can now wash all my empty containers and reset my kitchen for the next massive culinary adventure. On repart à zéro!


Charles said...

Let this be a lesson to you!

Seriously, though, next time I would be perfectly happy with much less food, allowing me to eat at least a little of everything. It's always a shame when I have to leave food of your untasted.

Kevin Kim said...

re: externalizing the locus of control

Dude! How do you handle yourself at buffets? We fatties hear it all the time: you control how much goes into your mouth. A coworker of mine, staring at the variety of leftover food I had brought to the office, adopted the "take a bite of each" strategy so as to get a range of different tastes. His strategy can be yours—at no cost!

I don't worry about making too much food because I know I can always feed it to the troops at work. So I can't promise cutting down on the amount I make, but maybe I won't make such a huge variety of dishes next time around. Unless it's Thanksgiving again, in which case you kinda have to have a little of everything ready for your guests.