Sunday, November 04, 2018

the grind gets grindier

Now that our R&D department has moved over to another wing of my company, our efforts are going to be refocused on what this wing wants: new workbooks, new textbooks, etc. Our job will be to churn those out over the coming months and, presumably, years. For the moment, though, because we're in a period of transition, things are going to be weird for me in particular for the next few months. My coworkers have already been working on materials for our new boss for the past several months, but I've been working on a project related to the eight grammar/vocab textbooks I've co-written over the past two-or-so years. I've just been given a new, huge project: a grammar/writing textbook on the same ambitious scale as that of the grammar/vocab books; I'm to crank out the new set of books on a chapter-by-chapter basis, and the first chapters are due around mid-December... which also happens to be the same time that the other project is due.

The only way I'm going to be able to handle this is by working six-day weeks for the next little while. I think I'll be able to take a breather right around Christmas, but with two big projects going simultaneously, I'm going to have little to no free time otherwise. I've been told that the new grammar/writing book series is supposed to become our flagship textbook, so no pressure, really. Time for me to earn my keep.

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