Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wednesday lunch

This week is Get Rid of Leftovers Week. Yesterday (Wednesday), I brought in a ton of leftover spaghetti sauce that I had kept in the freezer since our August birthday-celebration/goodbye-to-a-coworker party. I had to buy extra pasta, but the effort proved worth it: by the time I left the office close to 10 p.m., the sauce was gone. I served spaghetti at lunch for me and for two coworkers; at dinner, I served the two native-speaker teachers sharing space in our office, and I invited the IT team, which works next door, to come in and raid the spaghetti as well. The sauce was destroyed in short order, and I bagged up the leftover pasta, giving two-thirds of it to the IT team's boss and keeping a Ziploc bag for myself to use for lunch today (Thursday).

I took the following shot after realizing I hadn't taken any other shots of the food. I was just about to dig in to this plateful when the light bulb went on inside my head, so I stopped in medias res and clicked this pic of spaghetti and so-so garlic-and-herb bread:

The reason the bread was so-so was the butter, which was some of the crappiest Korean butter I've ever used. I'm normally not a butter snob, and I generally like most forms of Korean butter, but whatever brand this was was particularly shitty. I need to verify the brand so as to avoid purchasing it in future. Or I just need to buy foreign butter from now on. They sell a Beurre d'Isigny at Costco, along with my go-to butter, Costco's Kirkland house brand...

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