Saturday, November 24, 2018

protein onslaught

Sausages, sausages, and more sausages, done in my new griddle and finished in beer (some sort of stout this time). I poured some beer into the container you see below, so the bottom and middle layers of sausages are currently soaking up a good bit of beerage:

Baby-back ribs, done the Chef John way, which turned out pretty damn good.

I'm realizing that I'd love to have giant chafing dishes and/or warming trays so I can lay all of this out without having to reheat everything sequentially in either my regular oven or my microwave oven. The problem with sequential reheating is that the first thing you reheat is also the first thing to cool back down.

I'm also realizing that, with so many barbecue-ish items on the menu, I don't really want to do barbecue chicken. People will get sick of the monotony. So, change of plan: I'm going to do satay plus peanut sauce. Take that, mothercluckers.

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