Wednesday, June 03, 2020

riot videos

The indefatigable Ami Horowitz interviews some rioters about why they're rioting:

Did you find that inspiring and educational? Are you blown away by how smart the rioters are? I sure was! Over at Instapundit, there's an incredible post displaying links to many, many videos of rioting. People in the comments are saying, "Quick—download these and spread them around before they're taken down by the file-hosting service!" The depredations of the rioters are on full display, and this just reinforces the idea that you're a moron if you sympathize with these bastards even a little. Do I sympathize with George Floyd's family and the peaceful people who actually engaged in protest as they sought justice for Floyd's murder? Absolutely. But for the rioters who erupted in the wake of Derek Chauvin's firing, arrest, and murder charge, I have zero sympathy.

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John Mac said...

Totally agree with these sentiments as should all right-thinking people (even lefties). Saw a video on Facebook this morning from Memphis of a rioter hanging a puppy dog. Yeah, way to stick it to the man!